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Utah Deer Hunting Season

  • May 22, 2013 /

Utah is a well known destination when it comes to big game hunting. Deer are a common animal to hunt in the state. Utah deer hunting season brings out many old and new hunters alike. Below you can find a general description of the rules and regulations to Utah’s deer hunting season.

Types of Deer to Hunt

The most common types of deer to hunt in Utah are white-tail deer and mule deer. The white-tail deer’s population is rapidly growing whereas the mule deer will be a little harder to come across. Both types can be found all across the state. This is primarily because the state consists of much mountainous terrain and national forest land.

Methods of Deer Hunting in Utah

Many weapons may be used to take a deer in the state of Utah. Some weapons used include muzzleloaders, crossbows, bow and arrow, and of course a wide variety of rifles. If you have the correct permit, there is actually a special season for archery in August and September. In addition to this, there are other seasons where muzzleloaders and any legal weapon may be used. This will be explained in the next section.

Permits and Seasons

In order to participate in Utah’s deer hunting season, you must get a hunting license. This could be a basic hunting license or a combination license. The only difference between the two is the combination license allows you to fish as well. Hunter’s Education courses are offered in order to receive one of these licenses. In addition to the hunting license, you must obtain a permit for hunting deer. This permit may be applied for in the state’s hunt drawing or paid for and obtained online.

Seasons will depend on your area and what is being hunted. As previously mentioned, archery season runs from late August to the end of September. Muzzleloader season is usually around the first week in October. At the end of October, there are a few weeks where any legal weapon may be used.

Other Laws and Regulations

An important law to remember is the time a hunter can go out in Utah. Big game hunting is only legal from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after sunset.

Where to Hunt in Utah

Utah is a superb location for hunting statewide. This is because of the many mountainous regions and national park land in the state. The Wasatch and Uinta Mountain areas reside east of Salt Lake City and are a prime spot for big game hunting. Across the Colorado Plateau is another good spot because of the national forest area. In South and Southwestern Utah you have the Abajo and La Sal Mountains, in addition to the Paunsagaunt Plateau area. In Central Utah, there is some good hunting along the mountaintop road of Skyline Drive. It is hard to find a bad hunting spot in Utah simply because of the state’s vast mountainous terrain and national forests.

Utah is a fantastic place to go deer hunting. The mule deer is highly sought after and there are quite a few to be found in the state of Utah. The mild weather offers comfortable seasons for hunters as well. Along with this, there is a much national forest land and mountainous terrain. All of these factors make Utah a prime hunting destination. It has become a very popular spot for hunters of all ages from all around the country. If you would like more information, there are a variety of resources and text available for you at http://wildlife.utah.gov/dwr/hunting/, including the latest deer hunting season dates.