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The Top Rifle Slings for Hunters to Buy

  • July 28, 2016 /

Are you searching for the best sling for your hunting rifle? If so, it’s important to have knowledge about the basics. You need to know what to look for in a rifle sling and what details you should consider based on your specific hunting situation.

3 Basic Rifle Slings and the Difference Between Them

1. Traditional Rifle Sling

Obviously, we will start with the traditional rifle sling. It’s the most popular rifle sling design as well as the original style.

Rifle Sling

It has two points that connect to the front and back end of the rifle. This design allows it to be worn over the shoulder, around the neck, or across the hunter’s back. They are typically created to serve as shooting assistant as well as toting relief. Many hunters prefer the traditional rifle sling since the carrying strap makes life easier if there’s a lot of hiking and walking through wooded terrain.

Most traditional rifle sling designs give the hunter the option to adjust the straps for easy transition from toting to shooting.

2. Three Point Rifle Sling

The three point rifle sling has only two points but attaches in a third location- the shooter’s body. This happens since the rifle sling is created with a circle of material that securely wraps around the shooter’s waist and thus the rifle is successfully attached to the shooter.

What’s the advantage to the three point sling design?

The three point rifle sling is advantageous in the fact that it says attached to the shooter even when the rifle isn’t held in shooting position. It’s still conveniently accessible to the shooter once the rifle is released. This comes in handy in many hunting situations such as instances where a lot of running needs to take place immediately after the shot.

3. Single Point Rifle Sling

The single point rifle sling works by allowing the shooter to easily and quickly switch between the shoulders. It’s worn over the head and under the arm which makes it very convenient during operation. The single point attaches to the rifle underneath the stock. The purpose of the single point rifle sling is to keep the rifle on the front side of the shooter at all times This ensures that the rifle is not in the way of the sidearms in which the shooter would have quick access to.

Naturally, if a hunter or shooter chooses to go with the single point sling, he must be aware that once the rifle is released, it has the tendency to get in the way of any hunting gear or strategic movements. This happens since the rifle usually dangles in front of the hunter as it’s attached to the shooter in a single point.

Other important aspects to note is that the single point sling isn’t the best choice for providing rifle weight relief during those long hunting trips. Typically, they’re only designed for providing assistance during the shooting process.

Most seasoned experts don’t recommend the single point rifle sling for hunters that are toting the rifle for long distances or long days. It’s best to have a rifle sling that provides rifle weight relief and doesn’t easily get in the way of movement or hunting gear.

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Rifle Sling?

Rifle slings are known for being sturdy since they involve toting a hunting firearm. The size of the rifle sling depends on the size of the rifle, naturally. However, they typically come in two standard widths of 1 inch or 1.25 inches. Usually, rifle slings are constructed from leather or sturdy nylon. It really depends on the brand and style that you choose. If you enjoy the hunting style, a genuine, leather rifle sling may be for you. Many companies add decorative stitching to their leather rifle slings and are often designed with features involving horse hair, colorful threads and more. The leather rifle slings often make great and memorable gifts for years to come.

However, the nylon rifle slings are less focused on the decorative value and more focused on the utility of the product. They are weather resistant, highly durable and very lightweight. This provides a great addition to an already hefty hunting rifle. Often times, the nylon rifle slings have rubber grips and pads that make it easier for use and protect from slipping.

As far as comfort is concerned, most rifle slings had soft padding that’s sewn into it. This is something to consider seriously if you plan on wearing your rifle for long walking distances. However, some serious hunters may frown upon some padded rifle slings since it can get in the way of some performances. Again, it all depends on your personal preference and hunting situation.

Other things to consider when shopping for the best rifle sling is how it could impact your hunting success. Some rifle sling designs could negatively impact the hunt by causing distraction with the prey. Don’t worry! There are camouflaged rifle slings for nearly every hunting location. Obviously, colors such as brown and black are always a safe bet as well.

Product Recommendations and Reviews

Obviously, if you’re reading this then you’re searching for some of the best rifle slings on the market. Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at some great rifle slings on Amazon. There are many out there for nearly any hunting scenario!

1. Allen Denali Neoprene Rifle Cartridge Sling

The Allen Neoprene Rifle Sling has a stellar star rating on Amazon and is available at a very low price!

It’s neoprene design also comes with the Realtree AP camouflage features for a classic, hunter’s style.

Many customers love that the Allen Neoprene Rifle Sling comes with five cartridge loops to store ammunition. That’s very convenient for those cold hunting days!

The rifle sling also offers a “Sharkskin” back that provides slip proof capabilities. This is super reliable on those pesky, wet and rainy days. The neoprene provides comfortable cushioning for a comfortable experience.

It’s been swivel tested to 300 pounds. However, we wouldn’t recommend the neoprene for the heaviest of hunting rifles. It works great with lighter hunting rifles.

2. Yahill 2 Point Rifle Gun Sling Adjustable Strap Cord

The Yahill 2 Point Rifle Sling is available on Amazon with an excellent star rating and super low price. Not only would this rifle sling go easy on the wallet, but it offers reliability and durability. It’s made out of sturdy, nylon material that’s created to last a long time.

It’s available in two colors: khaki and black.

The metal snap hooks are designed to attach to most rifles and offer fast deployment and accessibility. In fact, the Yahill is designed with a release clip and steel sliders that allow you to adjust with one hand!

The Yahill is available in two convenient sizes: large and medium. The large size has a length of 4.4 feet to 6.1 feet with the clip included. The medium size has a length of 3.5 feet to 4.4 feet with the clip included. The adjustable length makes it an overall one-size-fits-all ordeal.

As for other features, it is equipped with a heavy duty bungee that is designed to aid with point shooting and quick adjustments. This is really helpful during difficult situations.

The elastic hook covers are helpful in preventing snags which can be a common nuisance with rifle slings.

The only thing to truly consider with this particular rifle sling is that it’s very lengthy. If you’re searching for a lengthy rifle sling, then this would be a great choice for you. Many customers enjoy the extra length while others do not.

3. Paracord Survival 2-Point Rifle Sling

The Paracord Rifle Sling also has an excellent high star rating on Amazon. In fact, it’s currently the most inexpensive on our list of rifle slings. It’s available in several colors: dark brown, black, woodland camo, desert camo and ACU digital.

This 2 point rifle sling is special because it has 25 feet of 500 pound commercial Paracord wrapped around it. The Paracord is over 15 feet in length and approximately a half inch thick. The Paracord is conveniently woven over two layers of synthetic cotton that is rot resistant and incredibly durable. The sling even comes with a comfortable shoulder pad that’s covered in the synthetic cotton material.

The Paracord Rifle Sling comes with a plastic tri-glide on each end. An extra wide tri-glide is located in the center of the rifle sling to give the hunter the opportunity to easily change the webbing length as well as minimizing the occurrence of strap tails and snags.

The great advantage of the synthetic cotton material is that it’s as comfortable as natural cotton but incredibly durable with its rot resistant abilities.

Customers really love that this particular rifle sling comes with the 25 foot Paracord. It offers versatility in that it’s very useful in the wild for a wide array of incidents.


Now that we’ve shared with you the basics on rifle slings and the best ones available on the market, it’s time for you to go shopping!