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Tennessee Deer Hunting Season

  • May 22, 2013 /

The state of Tennessee offers a majestic landscape that makes hunting fun and challenging to sportsmen from every county. Although the general season periods remain around the same time, they often change to some degree each year. The reason for these frequent changes are to ensure the proper management of Tennessee’s wildlife resources. Without some changes in limits, time periods and regulations that ensure the reproductive safety of species, the wildlife numbers would dwindle quite rapidly. Although changes are often made for the benefit of wildlife and hunters. Typical seasons are still within a similar time of year.

Tennessee’s primarily hunted species of deer is the White Tail, also known as the Virginia deer. White Tails and similar species of Mule Deer can be found through the state. This makes deer hunting available in every Tennessee county. Although hunting regulations are divided into regional units, most of these rules are typically the same or very similar in every management region.

Archery seasons begin for hunters in late September, this season typically runs until late October. A Short break period is typical with continued hunting until early November. Archery hunters are permitted to use longbows, compound bows and even crossbows. All hunters are permitted to use crossbows as long as they do so within an archery season.

Muzzleloaders begin to be permitted during early November. Archery season doesn’t end at this time. Muzzleloading runs from early to mid November when another weapon season is added to the hunting year. Gun season is added in mid November. From then on archery, muzzleloaders, rifles and shotguns with slugs can be used until the beginning of January.

The Tennessee deer hunting season provides ample time for any sportsman to land a once in a lifetime trophy buck. Additionally, a young sportsmen season typically begins in late October and doesn’t end until a week later than the main season. This gives young huRules And Regulationsnters a better chance at landing a deer without competing with more experienced sportsmen. It’s important to note that hunters age 6 to 16 must hunt with the company of an adult. The accompanying adult must be a non-hunter. Additionally, all youth hunters age 10 or more must participate in and pass a hunting safety program.

Although deer hunting is available in every Tennessee county, the bag limits +do vary for different weapon seasons in several locations. It’s important to ensure you know these limits and verify them before hand. Antlerless and antlered limits also vary among seasons and locations. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency makes the specific yearly regulations available before the season begins. Since some of these regulations and periods can change from year to year. It’s important to verify them at the beginning of the season. The TWRA is dedicated to providing all hunters in the state reasonable hunting period and limits while also ensuring the preservation of the state’s wildlife.