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Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Pennsylvania is a state which designates a tremendous amount of land to deer hunting each year. When fall rolls around, it is time to get out into the woods and hunt for game. Here is a look at the important parts of Pennsylvania deer hunting season.

Types Of Deer In Pennsylvania

There are primarily two groups of deer that populate the state of Pennsylvania. The western part of the state has a fair share of elk that are descendants from the species found in Yellowstone National Park. These animals can be quite large. In contrast, the smaller white tailed deer is another common species of deer found in the state. It is one of the most sought after game.

Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Methods

The Pennsylvania Game Commission sets regulations in order to keep hunters safe and promote the conservation of its wildlife. Weapons that are allowed during deer hinting season include longbows, compound bows, and recurve bows. Firearms like shotguns and muzzle loaders are also allowed during certain times of the season.

Permits And Seasons

All deer hunters in Pennsylvania must have a valid license that is displayed at all times. A general permit allows a hunter to tag one antlered deer and costs around $20. After a deer is killed, a tag must be filled out and attached to the animal. Archery and muzzle licenses are also required within season for an additional fee. Antlered deer licenses are necessary as well, but are only valid in a specific Wildlife Management Unit. Besides a license, all hunters must carry documentation that proves identity and residency.

The deer season in Pennsylvania is split between antlered and non antlered time. This is meant to help control population of both groups. Archery season occurs early in October to mid November and late December into early January. There are only three days to hunt for non antlered deer that are included in late October. Elk season begins in early November. Buck season opens the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Where Hunting Is Allowed

The state of Pennsylvania splits up into numerous groups of state game lands. There are over one million acres of land dedicated to the sport of hunting. The mountainous terrain of the state has been known to house a large number of bucks each year. It is against the law to hunt in private areas or those posted with signs that say that it is illegal.