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Oregon Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Many adults and juvenile alike enjoy the Oregon deer hunting season. Although deer can be hunted in most areas of Oregon, some of the more popular places are from the western to southwestern parts of the state. Both residents and nonresidents take to public land and private ranches annually to hunt the deer.

Types of Deer
There are several kinds of deer, but only two species are found in Oregon. The Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, and Blacktail sub-species are the most popular hunts. The Blacktail Deer are a sub-species of the Mule Deer, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). Most recent wildlife authorities now concur with this finding. ODFW strictly regulates all fishing and hunting in Oregon. Regulations have specified that there are general and controlled deer hunts. These regulations help to ensure that the deer population does not deplete.

Deer Hunting Season
Certain types of deer can be hunted at specific times during the Oregon deer hunting season. The season is usually divided into two segments. It generally begins the last week in September and ends about the third week in November. Within the season, sub-seasons exist. For instance, archery hunting has its own sub-season, while rifles and handguns, shotguns and muzzleloaders (slug only), usually share the same sub-season. The muzzleloader is any gun that is loaded through the muzzle.

Licenses and Tags
Every hunter of deer in Oregon must have a license and tag for specified hunts. With the number of poachers increasing, ODFW is stepping up their efforts to ensure that hunters have the proper credentials. Proper credentials may be obtained by winning raffle tickets. The tickets can be purchased from the licensing authority. Deer, Elk, and combination raffle tickets range from $4.50 to $151.50, depending on the number of tickets in the package. ODFW raffles are a great opportunity to hunt for Elk. Hunters can choose from four hunts using their choice of weapon. The raffle covers four regions, and it is statewide.

Costs of Hunting Licenses and Tags
There are two age categories for hunting licenses. They are adult and juvenile. The cost for an adult general hunting license starts from $29.50 for residents and $140.50 for nonresidents. The adult license includes general or controlled Buck Deer, and general or controlled Elk. The Juvenile General Sports Pac license is $52.00 for general or controlled Elk, general or controlled Buck Deer or controlled antlerless deer. There may be other special fees as well, such as for the senior licenses.

Tags also have two age categories, namely, adult and juvenile. Adult deer tags range from $24.50 for residents to $375.50 for nonresidents. Big game Elk tags are $42.50 for residents and $500.50 for nonresidents. Elk general or controlled hunting tags are $42.50. Disabled veterans and pioneers’ tags are $22.25. The annual juvenile tags are $14.50 for residents and $19.50 for nonresidents.

Parking Permits
Oregon deer hunting season can be an enjoyable experience for hunters, providing they comply with rules and regulations of the state’s governing authorities. This compliance includes parking permits. As of January 1, 2012, a parking permit is required for five ODFW wildlife areas. Denman, E.E. Wilson, Ladd Marsh, Sauvie Island, and Summer Lake Wildlife, all require a parking permit. A one-day permit is $7.00, and a season’s permit is $22.00.