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New York Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

New York is a spectacular state to visit during deer hunting season. They are well known for having some large bucks and superb conditions for hunting in the Upstate area. Below is all the information that you will need to ensure your hunting trips in easy in New York.

Species of Deer Native To New York

New York is basically all whitetail deer for hunting. The majority of the state is overpopulated with the whitetail species leaving ample chances at catching the large buck. Upstate New York is best known for a great place to hunt. The open fields, rivers, and agricultural areas are perfect resting spots for the deer.

Hunting Methods In New York

In New York, there are several diverse approaches that one may use to hunt deer. In the ‘early’ season, it is permissible for a hunter to use a muzzleloader or archery to hunt. The early season is a period of time that is before the actually season comes in that zone. There are numerous bow and arrow techniques that have been used for centuries to capture that prize deer. Because the population is white tail deer, deer stands and other various apparatuses are utilized. When the full season comes in any rifle or other mean to hunt is acceptable. Most hunters in New York utilize the use of calls and various other decoys in attempt to lure their deer.

Permits and Seasons

Like in most states, a person will need a tag to hunt deer in New York. If a person has no proof they have ever had a hunting license before, the state requires a 10 hour course for a permit. If any person wishes to use archery and has no proof of prior hunting, they will also need an additional 8 hour mandatory training session. To obtain a tag in New York one must have a valid driver’s license. There is a $10 deer permit fee required by both residents and non-residents for the deer tag. The license costs $29 and for non-residents that cost will be $140. The seasons vary, like in most areas. New York is divided into five sections and each has their own seasons for hunting. In general, archery season will come in around the end of September and run through October. The general season, where all weapons can be used, comes in the end of October to first of November.

Laws and Regulations

In New York, it is only legal to hunt from sunrise to sunset. Everyone who is
going to get a license to hunt must do so by October 1st. Also, within seven days of harvesting a deer, the hunter is required to submit a mandatory report online to the New York Department of Gaming.

Hunting Areas

New York has ample areas to hunt. One of the most popular hunting areas is in Upstate New York or the Adirondacks. This would be the Northern Zone. There are prime locations all over the state, including the Long Island area. Hunting on private property is also permitted, as long as the hunter has the permission of the land owner.

New York is one of the best states for deer hunting, the only caution is watching out for the massive population of black bears. To check out more details on hunting in New York, check out www.dec.ny.gov. This site gives all the latest information that deer hunters need.