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New Mexico Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

New Mexico is a popular state when it comes to big game hunting. This is especially true for deer hunting. Below you will find some rules, regulations, and general guidelines to the New Mexico deer hunting season.

Types of Deer

The most common types of deer one will find in New Mexico are white-tailed deer and mule deer. White-tailed deer are the most abundant type and can be found just about anywhere. They really like to be near river bottoms, streams, or any other sources of water. Also, they may be found in lush green fields or gathering around coniferous trees. Mule deer are more highly sought after and harder to find. Thick forests are usually where they prefer living. A unique type of deer to New Mexico and surrounding states is the Coues white-tailed deer. The Coues is basically the same as a standard white-tailed deer but about half the size. Their habitat is a bit different as well. Open desert areas are where they can be found.

Methods of Hunting in New Mexico

Several methods of hunting can be utilized in New Mexico. These methods primarily include rifle hunting and bow hunting. However, muzzleloaders may also be used in the right season. White-tailed deer hunting is usually done by setting up a stand and waiting for the deer to come to you. Mule deer and the Coues white-tailed deer are more commonly hunted by the spot and stalk method. Rifle hunting and employing the spot and stalk method are by far the most popular ways to hunt during the New Mexico deer hunting season.

Permits and Seasons

A few steps must be taken before legally hunting deer in New Mexico. First, you must have a valid deer hunting license. There are a few options on the type of license to get. If you are planning on doing some fishing as well, you will probably want the general hunting and fish license. This will make you legal to fish as well as hunt deer and other small game. Another option is the general hunting license which makes you legal to hunt deer and other small game. If you are just looking to hunt deer, you will want to get the deer hunting license. Other varieties of small game will not be legal to hunt with this alone. Once you have gotten your license, the next step to take is deciding where to hunt. Hunters looking to hunt on public land must apply for a draw online or submit a paper application to the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission. If it is private land you are looking to hunt on, you must purchase a private land license. New Mexico residents will usually pay $40 to $50 altogether.

September has a special season for archery. Bow hunting is the only method of deer hunting that may be used from September 1st through the 22nd. After that, muzzleloaders have their own season and may be used until the end of September. Any weapon may be used throughout most of October of November. This is the most common season for rifle hunting.

Other Rules and Regulations

Anyone who participated in New Mexico’s deer hunting season must submit a report of his or her results to the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission by February 15th of the following year.

New Mexico is a great state for deer hunters. It is especially unique because of the Coues white-tailed deer that are native to the area. Anyone interested in getting involved with the New Mexico deer hunting season can find more information at http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/.