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Nevada Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

There are many different species of animals to hunt in Nevada. Those interested can hunt for big game, small game, fur-bearing animals, and unprotected species. This article will focus on the Nevada deer hunting season.

Nevada is primarily a big game hunting state, and there are many species of big game animals to hunt, like mule deer, antelope, California bighorn sheep, and desert bighorn sheep. The deer most often hunted during the Nevada deer hunting season are Mule deer.

First off, to be allowed to hunt in Nevada, it is necessary to acquire a hunting license. Remember to keep in mind the requirements of the county in which you are hunting. Residents of Nevada seeking details should visit the County Sherriff’s department. To hunt mule deer, those interested are required to buy tags before they can hunt. However, non residents may go on guided hunts. Many items like tags and licenses are taken care of by going on a guided hunt.

Deer tags range in price from thirty dollars for a Nevada resident to three hundred dollars for a non resident. The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) are an invaluable help to those who wish to purchase tags or research further the deer hunting season. Remember that it is a violation of Nevada state law to take an animal without proper tags. An animal without a tag is counted as illegally taken and possessed, and it is unlawful to remove tags from one animal for use on another animals which is hunted.

The resident mule deer season goes on during the end of November. However, the season for shooting mule deer with bows begins in early August. The archery season is followed by the muzzle loaders season for mule deer in September. Regular season for mule deer usually opens up in early October.

For non residents of Nevada who are interested in hunting, there are about one hundred licensed guides in the state who provide guide service for hunters. Many hunters desire to hire a guide for various reasons, which range from a new hunter who is unconfident in his or her skills and to an experienced hunter who wishes to bag the big game.

When booking a guide, remember to research and make sure the guide you hire is licensed to provide service in Nevada. Non residents of Nevada may participate in non residential restricted deer season. Hunters with guides are often allotted a number of tags specifically for their hunts. It is always wise to check with the NDOW to confirm the specific dates of hunting season.

Any firearm can be used to during the Nevada deer hunting season, provided that it is not automatic (i.e. fires more than one round when the trigger is pulled). Certain types of ammunition are prohibited, like rounds with full metal jackets, full steel rounds , rounds with full steel cores, tracers, incendiary bullets, or shells. Muzzle Loading guns are allowed in all areas of Nevada.

In certain places of the state it is required by law that hunters use only shotguns or longbows. Only in these areas of the state are shotguns permitted when hunting mule deer or mountain lions.

In terms of archery hunting, re-curve and compound bows are legal. However, to hunt with these bows they must be able to throw an arrow one hundred and fifty yards over generally level ground. Cross bows are legal weapons for hunting Mule deer.

In conclusion, Nevada is a wonderful place for those who wish to hunt Mule deer. Check out for more details and information about the next hunting season.