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Nebraska Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

If you are a Nebraska resident who considers themselves a hunter, you should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the annual Nebraska deer hunting season. No matter how you plan to hunt or what exactly you are hoping to obtain from the upcoming season, you should be aware of your limitations and restrictions. This will ensure that you are staying safe and staying out of trouble.

There are several important things that you need to know about the seasons for deer hunting in the state. First, you should know when these seasons are and the differences between them. Then you should learn a little about your limitations in what you can kill. Finally, you should know about the best areas within the state that you can hope to bag a doe or big buck.

For those hunting with a bow in the state, this season begins on September 15th and goes until December 31st. However, if you are using a firearm of some kind, your season does not begin until November 10th and only goes until the 18th. This means that this is the only window to hunt with a rifle. Muzzleloaders are later in the year, offering a season that consists of the entire month of December.

You should remember that hunting in any of these capacities will require you to have individual licenses and permits. You cannot go rifle hunting if you only have a permit to kill deer with a bow or any other combination. You need to ensure that you have an encompassing permit, or the individual clearance to hunt with different weapons if you intend to do this.

There are also available permits for different kinds of deer. While whitetails are the predominately hunted deer, there are also plenty of mule deer that you could bag as well. This also hinges on the particular permit that you have purchased and its clearance to go after any kind of deer, one of each, or some combination other than those.

Within the state, there are several hot spots for those looking for particular types of deer. You do not want to wait until Nebraska deer hunting season begins to determine where you are going to want to go. Considering the thousands that will be hitting the woods to bag something, finding a populated area that offers a highly likely possibility of not coming back empty handed is certainly an ideal scenario.

The state is actually divided into several numerical sections. You can see a map on Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website to determine where the numbers coincide with information regarding the best hunting locations. Mule deer have been killed and spotted the most in the Western part of the state, and while whitetails are predominant throughout, they can most easily be found in the Southeast region of the state.

If this is hunting that interests you, resident or not, there are certain steps that need to be taken. Each section of the state only sells a particular quota of permits, so you can start planning your hunting now to know where you want to go and buy your permit for this zone. These permits are going to be available on the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website, and at any time 24/7. So if you were not fully informed about Nebraska deer hunting season before, hopefully you have a better idea about where to go and what to get before the fall rolls around.