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Montana Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Montana is one of the most popular states in the United States of America for hunters. It provides countless acres of wilderness, which is habitat to moose, deer, elk and other animals. But what attracts many hunters from all across the country is the excellent deer hunting season.

The season in Montana begins in the fall. This is the reason why many hunters today are already setting their sights and landing their feet in Montana. If you are one of them, you need to know the laws and regulations of Montana deer hunting season. In that regard, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission will be able to help you because it regulates all fishing and hunting of Montana’s wildlife.

The Permit

The permit for deer hunting starts at a price of $75 for local residents who have lived in the state for a minimum of 180 days. The simplest and easiest way to apply for a permit is through the application section of the official website of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park, which will provide you guidance through the entire process.

Illegal Methods

There are various ways on hunting deer in Montana that are prohibited by law. You are not allowed to hunt for deer while in a moving vehicle nor to use dogs that will aid the hunt. It is also illegal to bait any deer while you are hunting, to utilize night-vision equipment and to hunt on a roadway. You are also prohibited to utilize game calls or motion-tracking devices.


When hunting a deer in Montana, your firearm should also not be equipped with a silencer. This is actually the firearms’ main restriction. There is also no rifle caliber or handgun limit and shotguns and muzzle-loaders are legal. You should take note of the laws and regulations concerning firearms in order for you to avoid any trouble while on your hunt.

Deer Attributes

A deer must also possess some attributes or characteristics to be deemed a trophy animal by Montana law. It must have a minimum of 4 points on one antler. It should also have a main beam length of 21 inches on each side and an inside spread across the beam of 20 inches.

Land Restrictions

There are specific areas that are closed to hunting in the state of Montana. These include the following: state game preserves, refuge lands and national parks. If you would like to hunt deer on private land, you are required to have permission from the owner of the land. Bear in mind that it is highly illegal to hunt deer on private lands without permission of the owner. If you transgressed the law, the case that will be filed against you is trespassing.

These are just some of the Montana deer hunting laws and regulations that you must be aware of. By keeping them on mind, you will be able to avoid any trouble in the future and you will have the best deer hunting experience ever. If you want to find out more about the laws in Montana and find the deer hunting season dates, check out the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website.