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Michigan Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

The great lakes state of Michigan is a deer hunter’s adventure playground. As a state that borders the great Lake Michigan, it is clear there are plenty of marsh and water areas for the deer to live near. Those who hunt near Alcona have plenty of opportunities for hunting. Last year alone, nearly 5,000 deer were hunted by local and non-resident hunters.

Native Deer to Michigan

Like many of its surrounding states, Michigan is whitetail country. The whitetail is in abundant population here and thus the hunters have no problem finding their prize haul in this state. Besides the elk and moose, the whitetail deer is the largest population in Michigan. The average whitetail will weigh between 125 to 225 lbs. Males and also females may have antlers, but they are usually shed during the springtime to allow for a new set to grow. Many people believe that antlers are due to the deer’s age, but in fact it has everything to do with the minerals and nutrients a deer consumes in their diet and not their age.

Why Choose Hunting In Michigan

Minnesota is like most states in that many methods can be used for deer hunting. The hunting season is divided into three specific times, archery, firearm and muzzleloader. Archery season runs from mid-September until mid-December. Antlerless Deer season will come in at the end of October and last until December. Those who are waiting for traditional firearm season will have to wait until November. Those who use their muzzleloaders will have to wait until the end of November and will only have approximately one month. More than 200,000 deer were harvested in 2011 alone and most were caught with firearms. There are more than enough deer for every hunter and chances are they won’t be too long in the woods to find one.

Hunting Licenses

Michigan requires a valid hunting license for all deer hunters. Both residents and non-residents may only have one license and a maximum of two kill tags. These can be used during any of the three seasons, archery, firearm or muzzleloader. These tags may not be used during the early season when antlerless hunting is legal. The deer hunter can use the kill tags however they may please. You may kill both in archery or firearm season or one in both. Anyone 10 and older can hunt in Michigan. License can be purchased between July and August of each year. A firearm deer license is $15 for residents and $138 for non-residents. A resident archery license is $15.00 and $138 for non-residents. A combination package may be purchased for $30 for residents and $276 for non-residents.

Other Valuable Information

Michigan is divided into 4 times zones for hunting. These zones are known as A, B, C, and D. Each of the areas has regulations regarding hunting. Hunting can begin one half hour before sunrise and one half hour before sunset. All hours are in central time zone and following the hunting schedule is closely monitored.

Hunting Areas in Michigan

There are many great areas to hunt in Michigan. For more information about hunting statistics and great hunting spots check out the state website at www.michigan.gov/dnr. Both Upper and Lower Peninsula offer superb hunting places, in fact there are so many hunters may want to explore several. The maps on this website will show the great places to hunt and also where prize deer have been killed before.