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Massachusetts Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Deer hunting is extensively known all over the world, and also specifically in Massachusetts. Its distinct deer species make it a favorite place of deer hunters. To fully understand the deer hunting season and laws in Massachusetts, read the succeeding paragraphs.

Massachusetts is the best place for hunting whitetail deer. They extremely abundant and can be found in numerous areas and locations throughout the state. If you are planning to hunt deer in Massachusetts, you have to consider several methods. People used to hunt whitetail deer with the use of the traditional method – the bow and arrow. This technique requires skills to shoot their preferred dear. As time passed by, the rifle was invented and soon practiced by millions of hunters. Spot and stalk is also well-known for all hunters especially during deer hunting season.

Permits and Seasons

Before you can hunt deer in Massachusetts, it is a must to secure license for hunting. To get this, you are required to take a hunter’s education class. The main purpose of this is to prepare you from hunting activities. Hunters may also purchase additional antlerless deer licenses for available zones. Once you get your permit, you may need to apply for a deer tag draw. Similar to other states, Massachusetts also utilizes a lottery system in determining eligible hunters. The Massachusetts deer hunting season usually vary depending on its area and type. The deer hunting season usually covers October, November, December and January

Other Laws and Regulations

Massachusetts deer hunting must be performed while carrying authenticated and current hunting permits for hunting. The hours of hunting start before sunrise and resume after sunset. The daily control limit of unsealed deer is within 48 hours after killing the deer. Additionally, all hunters are obliged to wear Hunter Orange clothing with at least 500 square inches. The minimum age for Massachusetts deer hunting is 12. 12 to 14 year old kids may hunt deer provided that they are accompanied by a licensed deer hunter aged 18 years and above.

Massachusetts deer hunting season also provides numerous laws and regulations to secure the area and people. According to the rule, it is strongly prohibited to trap, to bait or to chase deer with dogs. It is also prohibited to use rifle, except primitive firearm, crossbow or handgun. Another prohibition also includes driving or hunting deer by means of artificial decoy, light and any noise-making equipment.

Where to Hunt?

Since deer hunting is extremely popular in Massachusetts, you will never find it hard to find an ideal place to hunt deer. Before you visit the place for hunting, make sure that you do some research pertaining to those locations. If you found a private place for hunting, don’t start deer hunting immediately. Asking permission from the owner of the land is needed.

Massachusetts is a great place to go deer hunting. To find out more about their laws, seasons, and regulations, visit the Massachusetts state hunting page here.