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Maryland Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

When you think of Maryland you probably think quality seafood, not deer. However you will be pleasantly surprised to find that Maryland can be a good place for deer hunting as well. Here are the basics that you will need to know to plan a safe and legal deer hunt in Maryland.

In Maryland a completion certificate of a hunter and firearm safety is required for junior licenses. Adults can bypass this regulation with proof they held a license prior to July 1, 1977. A regular full season resident hunting license is 24.50. A junior resident license is just 10.50. Seniors 65 and older can receive a license for just 5.00.

Out of state licenses are available for 130.00 for Adults and 65.00 for junior hunting full season licenses. A muzzleloader must be purchased along with the license to legally hunt during muzzleloader season. The muzzleloader stamp is 6.00 for instate and 25.00 for non-resident hunters.

Licenses can be purchased a number of ways. In person at an DNR licensing agent, by mail, by phone or they can be purchased online.

Bag limits vary depending on the area of Maryland you are hunting in and if you are hunting Sika or White tailed deer. For example in Region A during bow season you are allowed one antlerless white tailed deer. In Region B during bow season, you are allowed unlimited antlerless white tailed deer.

Your deer must be tagged with a field tag with your name, the county of kill and your hunter’s license number before deer is moved. This tag must be placed on the head of the deer. On your license you must fill out a block recording the kill; Then and only then can your deer be legally moved from the site of the kill.

You must call or use the website to record the deer kill within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation number that must be recorded on your license in the appropriate area. Hunters will be required to provide this confirmation number to any processor or taxidermist you let handle your deer.

The legal hunting seasons depend on the type of deer, location and weapon you are hunting with. Complete information on legal seasons, other hunting regulations and licenses for the state of Maryland can be found online at http://www.eregulations.com/maryland/hunting/. You can download digital guides for up to date information and any details you need for a successful hunt in Maryland.