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Maine Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

The deer hunter in Maine is not alone since nearly 200,000 hunters vie for the around 30,000 white-tailed deer which are are taken annually during deer hunting season there.

Maine’s Deer Species
Maine’s abundant deer population includes one of the largest of the 30 sub-species of white-tailed deer. It may be almost as large as 400 pounds and measure three feet at the shoulder.

Maine’s Firearm and Other Deer Seasons
In 2012 the firearms season extends from October 29 through November 24 for out-of-state and resident hunters. Maine residents enjoy a few days earlier than that extending their deer hunting season to include October 27. There is no Sunday hunting. Youth deer day is October 20. Muzzleloaders deer hunting season in Maine is from November 26 through December 1. But muzzleloaders in Wildlife Management Districts runs from December 3 through December 8 in the following areas: 12, 13,15 through 18, 20 through 26, and 29. Expanded archery season is from September 8 through December 8 in Wildlife Management Districts.

Maine’s Deer Limits
Some will be disappointed that Maine only allows one deer per year when taken by firearms including muzzleloaders except in a few designated areas. The archery season allows hunters who have already taken a deer during firearms season to take an additional deer in 2012. Those other than archers, will need a bonus antlerless deer permit or superpack antlerless deer permit to take additional deer. Only buck deer may be taken during youth or archery season in some Maine Wildlife Management Districts where no any-deer permits are issued. Please don’t be discouraged by the bag limit since there is a very long list of other hunting opportunities in Maine including one moose and one bear in 2012.

Permit Prices for Maine’s Deer Seasons
Maine deer hunting season does require a hunting license. A muzzleloader license or archery license is also needed for those respective seasons. Fees are as follows for Maine residents: hunting (16 and older) – $19; archery hunting (16 and older) – $19; archery hunting (70 and older) – free; muzzleloading (70 and older) – free; resident deer or bear transport tag (in-state) – $5; resident deer or bear transport tag (out-of-state) – $55. Non-resident fees are as follows: big game hunting (10 years and older) – $85; archery hunting (16 and older) – $55; muzzleloading (10 and older) – $33. Non-United States residents’ fees are as follows: big game hunting (10 and older) – $125; archery hunting (16 and older) – $70; muzzleloading (10 and older) – $58. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website at <a href=”www.maine.gov/ifw”>www.maine.gov/ifw</a> handles hunting license and permit information.

Special Deer Hunting Laws In Maine
Basically hunters are only allowed to take deer with antlers that are at least three inches long in Maine. There are exceptions made to allow any-deer hunting permits in certain designated wildlife management districts. There is no Sunday hunting in Maine. Animals may be hunted from a half-hour before sunrise until a half-hour after sunset. Contact state game officials for that information. Maine’s deer regulations do sound somewhat confusing so never hesitate to ask.

Where Is Deer Hunting Permitted In Maine?
In 1998 Maine created 30 Wildlife Management Districts in order to regulate all trapped and hunted species in the state.