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Indiana Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Hunters from all over come to beautiful Indiana for the hunting season. Usually starting in the fall, the deer is the beloved treasure that draws hunters to this state.

Types of Native Deer to The Area

Most hunters come to Indian for the whitetail. Although there is an occasional mule in the mix, primarily the whitetail rules the area. Northern Indiana, near the great lakes, is well known for being a hunting paradise. Because deer like being close to any body of water, this area is perfect. There is also plentiful vegetation from nearby farms to feed. The whitetail was once almost extinct from the area, but due to over populations in nearby states, the species have migrated back to the area. It is thought that most of the deer have come from nearby Michigan and other surrounding states.

Methods to Hunt Deer in Indiana

In Indiana, you may use several different methods to claim your prize deer. For those who get in early on the hunting action, archery season is perfect. Many like archery season because of the new bows and the advanced techniques that can be used to claim their deer. A deer stand is almost always essential in Indiana, as this is whitetail country. Indiana has a muzzle loader season, but only a muzzle loader can be used during this time. For the last part of hunting season, general hunting methods can be used, like a rifle. Most people wait till the later part of the season, when they can use their beloved rifles. Those who use calls and decoys typically wait till this part of the season to get in on the action.

Hunting Licenses Requirements

A hunter is required to have a hunting license to hunt in the state of Indiana. The cost of the licenses for residents is $24.00 and for non-residents is $150.00. To hunt deer that do not have antlers, you will also need an Antlerless licenses, which is $15.00 for residents and $24.00 for non-residents. The hunting seasons are pretty much the same here as in most states. Archery season begins in September and runs through October. Rifle and muzzle loader season is during November.

Other Important Regulations

Baiting is considered illegal in Indiana. Baiting includes using a salt block, piles of apples or corn or any other means to attract the animals for the purpose of hunting.

Hunting Hot Spots

Indiana provides ample opportunity for great deer hunting. Some of the most populated areas are at the North and South end of the state. There is a vast amount of public land around Terre Haute that can be hunter to the West, as well as Lafayette to the North. There are prime spots all over the state, so you should not limit yourselves to one particular area. There are also several private properties that have great advantages. As long as a hunter has permission from the owner, they can hunt as much as they would like.

Indiana is an outstanding state for white tail deer hunting. If you’d like to see more about hunting in the state of Indiana, check out www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild. Here you can find up to date information concerning the laws and the best places to hunt. It also has information concerning anything a hunter needs to know about hunting in Indiana.