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Hawaii Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

How would you like to enjoy an authentic Hawaiian Safari in the islands, on Maui, Molokai or Lanai? Aloha and get ready for the Hawaii deer hunting season of Axis deer on these three Hawaiin islands, either on a private ranch, or on public land areas. This will be a hunting season trip like no other!

Axis deer are on all three of these islands among the seven that make up the State of Hawaii. Over certain designated areas, whether public grounds and areas, or on private ranches, you can use a gun, rifle, archery bow, or muzzleloading rifle or shotgun on your hunt. If you bring your own gun, you must immediately register it with the Hawaii County Police Department before the first day of your hunt. Privately all-inclusive packages for safaris and on private ranches already have registered guns for your use. There are a myriad of hunting and firearm regulations that must be complied to and agreed upon before any hunting commences. Dogs are allowed to go on any hunt with the hunter, and are his/her express responsibility. If anyone in the hunting party is under age 18, there are more limiting restrictions as regards firearms that must be complied with as well. Hawaii is very strict on these regulations, and even when on private ranch land, they may enforce any and all regulations stated in their manual and set forth by the HAWAII DEPARTMENT OF LAND AND NATURAL RESOURCES.

Acquiring a Hawaii State hunting license ($10.00 Hawaii resident; $95.00 non-resident) good for up to seven days, and a Hunting Safety Card are both available online through different websites. You also must go on any hunt with a Hawaiian resident.

Venison is world-known to be of the most tender and nutritious of any other game animal. After the hunt, you will want to make sure that the deer is well taken care of afterwards by selecting an expert meat handler. Your venison can be frozen by all privately-owned hunting ranches, and FedExed to follow you home, or you can have the meat bagged up and put in a cooler as part of your baggage to take aboard your plane home with you.

Taxidermy services are also offered at private ranches and outside businesses throughout the state.

All hunting in Hawaii is best during Summer and Fall seasons. Uniquely, there are no designated deer season dates, there is open hunting year ’round. The beautiful tropical climate of Hawaii enables this to become a truly special hunters’ paradise.

There are also so many other places to see on all the Hawaiian Islands, activities and water sports, and of course beautiful resorts in which to stay overnight, dine, and enjoy entertainment nightly.