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Florida Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Deer Hunting Seasons in Florida begin in late summer and last through the winter. Florida is home to the white-tailed deer. There are many acres of land and forest areas perfect for hunting.

Hunting Seasons by Zone

Florida is broken down into 4 zones. Zone A is located in the southern portion of Florida. Zone B is located in the mid-eastern part, while zone C is located in the mid and north western part of Florida. Zone D is located in the north western parts of Florida. Each zone has its own dates, weapons and whether or not you are allowed to hunt deer with or without antlers.

Zone A begins its bow and crossbow season in late July and runs through August. Muzzleloading season usually begins at the beginning of September which runs into the general gun season. Zone B begins its bow and crossbow season in mid-October. Muzzleloading and general gun season follow shortly after, beginning in November and December. Bow and crossbow begin in Zone C a little earlier than Zone B, starting in mid-September. It also begins its muzzleloading season and general gun season earlier, which starts in early November and early December. The last zone, Zone D, begins close to the same time as Zone B, which is in October for bow and crossbow and follows with muzzleloading season and general gun season in November and December; lasting until early February.

Permits and Laws

There is a bag limit of two deer per day. Depending on if it is antlerless deer hunting time, it is normally two antlered deer allowed. In Florida, it is required to have a $5 deer hunting permit, as well as, a hunting license. In order to be eligible for a hunting license in Florida, anyone born after June 1, 1975 must take a hunting safety course. When you purchase your license you will have to show proof of completing this class. For a Florida resident, an annual sportsman hunting license will cost $80.50. If you are a non-resident of Florida you can pay a 10 day fee of $46.50. There are many other types of licenses available as well.

There are some exemptions on whether or not a permit is needed. Some of these exemptions include if you are under 16 years old and are with an adult over 18 years old who has a valid license and permit; or you are a senior that possesses a free hunting and fishing permit from the county tax collectors’ offices.

It is important to make sure the area that you are in is allowing hunting at that specific time. You can visit http://myfwc.com/hunting for specific dates and zones. There may also be certain parks, within an area that is open for hunting, that may not allow certain types of hunting just in that specific area.