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Delaware Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Delaware is a small state that has a large deer population. These deer populations can be hunted by deer hunters during the deer hunting season.

Species of Deer Available for Hunting in Delaware

There is only one species of deer in Delaware that can be hunted by deer hunters. This is the white-tailed deer specie. The white-tailed deer species is commonly found in the field around coniferous trees. This is the most common place these animals search for their food. Another area where these animals can be found is near a river. They mostly get their water needs from the river.

Method of Deer Hunting in Delaware

Delaware deer hunting laws and regulations permit the use of a bow and arrow, shotgun and muzzleloaders to hunt deer. Thus legally, the only firearms permitted are shotgun and muzzleloaders. Rifles are strictly prohibited for deer hunting in the state. Thus, deer hunters who are more accustomed to hunting deer with rifles should start practicing long distance shot with shotguns and muzzleloaders. It is quite a different experience hunting deer with shotguns and muzzleloaders. This is why practice is of utmost importance for accurate aiming and killing of the game. A shotgun larger than 10 gauge is strictly prohibited for hunting game in Delaware. The approved shotgun for deer hunting in Delaware cannot hold more than two shells according to state laws.

The stand hunting technique is the most widely accepted method in hunting white-tailed deer. The success rate of this method is account for its popularity in the hunting of white-tailed deer species. The method involves standing and aiming at the targeted game from a distance. The muzzle loaders and bow and arrow produce more positive results when compared to shotguns. However it is against state laws to incorporate poison into an arrow. Thus using arrow as your weapon, don’t rub a poisonous substance on it.

Permits and Seasons of Deer Hunting in Delaware

To qualify for deer hunting in Delaware, a hunter must first register at the Delaware
State Parks Hunting Registration. The registration usually costs $10. After successful completion of the registration process, the next step is to obtain a Delaware hunting license. The price of this hunting license varies. It is actually dependent on whether the game hunter is a resident of the state or not. The price of a Delaware hunting license for a state resident cost about $25. The resident must be an adult to qualify for the license. While a non resident seeking a hunting license in the state of Delaware will have to pay about $130 for the license. The two documents must be kept at the all times by the deer hunter, during all hunting expeditions.

The hunting season is usually announced by the State Parks Hunting Body. All other necessary instructions are usually announced along with the date for deer hunting in the area. Delaware has 18 deer hunting management zones. Thus, deer hunters have enough areas to hunt their game.

Other Laws and Regulations

It is strictly prohibited to hunt deer outside the hunting season. Thus under no circumstances should any deer hunter breach this particular regulation. Legal action will be taken against the defaulter. Hunting deer with rifles and machine guns are strictly prohibited according to the Delaware hunting regulations.

Why You Need to Hunt in Delaware

Hunting in Delaware will be a fun for deer hunters. There is plenty of game in this state. Also the state hunting laws are not that bad.