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California Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

The California Deer Hunting Season can be complicated to figure out when it comes to the exact dates it will run through. In general, it runs from late July through November. The entire state is quite large, and it is divided into several zones. The conservation goal of each individual zone, and the weapons being used, will determine each zones’ hunting season. Once you know the exact type of weapon you are planning to use, you can check online for specific dates. The majority of zone’s archery seasons are August 18 through September 9 of 2012. Zones C-1, C-4, and X-10 end on September 2. The general hunting season covers anywhere from August 11 to November 12. Be sure to check for specific dates and regulations for the zones you will be hunting in before going. Many maps and charts can be found online.

There are several different varieties of weapons used in hunting deer. The weapons that can be used for hunting season in California include archery, center fire riffles, muzzleloaders, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, and crossbows. With a general season tag, hunters can use any legal weapon within the state. Archery only tags will only work for archery weapons.

Both resident and non-resident hunters are allowed to hunt in California during the proper seasons. Each licensed hunter may purchase up to two tags per license. You will need one tag for each deer you get.

There are two main species of deer that are hunted during California deer hunting season. The first is the mule deer. It can be recognized by its bifurcated antlers with ears like a mule has. There are several different types of mule deer within California, including the Rocky Mountain Mule Deer, the California Mule Deer, the Inyo Mule Deer, the Burro Mule Deer, and the Southern Mule Deer. They can be found throughout most of the state. They prefer hilly terrain, so you won’t find them in the valleys. The greatest numbers of mule deer are located in Central and Northern California, including the coastal prairies, the coastal ranges, and the Sierra Nevada. The black tailed deer are the second type of deer hunted in California. They are smaller in size than a mule deer, and it is considered one of their sub-species, so they will look very similar. These will be found mainly in the northern most parts of the state.

California is a great state to hunt deer, with almost endless possibilities with regards to species and area to hunt. To find out more, visit the California government page on hunting.