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The Best Turkey Calls Available Today

  • August 5, 2016 /

Flock of TurkeysThanksgiving is a time for family and friends to be thankful for what they have, but it also gives us hunters a reason to find a bird for the table. Hunting turkeys is a difficult task that is not easy; in fact, it can be nearly impossible without the help of a turkey call. A typical turkey is not going to just wander into the range of your gun, so luring them in is required, but there are a plethora of different call types that you can choose form. Do you want to imitate the purr of a hen or the gobble of a tom? This guide is designed to help you determine which call is right for you at your level of hunting skill. Let’s first take a look at the different types of turkey calls that you can purchase and some of the considerations you should make before purchasing a call.

Types of Turkey Calls

There are several types of turkey calls that you can use during your hunt. Here is a list of some of the more common types that hunters may use:

  • Push Button Call – This type of call is perfect for beginners, as this is one of the easiest turkey calls to use. They function by pressing a narrow piece of wood against a larger one, and they only require one hand to operate.
  • Gobble Call – These types of calls imitate the gobble sound that a male turkey makes. All you do to use this call is shake it and wait.
  • Box Call – This is a very common type of turkey call, as it is simple to rub two wooden sections together and create the sounds that a hen may make. Usually the bottom section is hollowed out to create a place for the sound to resonate.
  • Slate Call – This is another type of friction call that utilizes a striker and a base to create a large range of purrs, clucks, and yelps.
  • Mouth Diaphragm – This is a type of mouth operated turkey call. A soft piece of rubber is stretched across a U-shaped structure. To use the call, you simply blow air over the unit while it is against the roof of your mouth. The main advantage to this unit is that it can create a wide range of calls without the use of your hands, which means that you can quietly and effectively call a turkey into your shooting range.
  • Tube Diaphragm – This type of call is also operated with your mouth, the only difference is that you blow into it instead of placing it inside your mouth.

Selecting a Turkey Call

When you purchase a new turkey call, there are a few considerations that you should make. First, the pitch of the call you are purchasing will lure different turkeys to you. It is best to have a few different pitch options to choose from, so that your calls are not limited in any way. The second consideration you need to make is how much raspiness is in the call. When a turkey ages, so does the sound of their call, so it is good to have a range at your fingertips when you are hunting for turkey. Even if your call has a good pitch and a raspy tone, if you cannot make the device create a sound, then you have completely wasted your time and efforts.


Now that you have a good idea of the different type of turkey calls that are available as well as the features that you should consider before making a purchase, it is time to look at some of the great turkey call options that are available on the market. Here are five of the turkey calls that we recommend as great options to try the next time you go turkey hunting.

1. The Wicked Series Friction Call

The Wicked Series Friction Call is manufactured by a company called Zinc Calls, which is a company that strives to create durable calls that produce an unmatched quality of sound that gets the job done. This friction turkey call is one of the only ones that are available on the market that features impregnated wood. Infusing acrylic into the beautiful Brazilian Cherry pan creates a waterproof seal that allows you to create a call using this tool in any type of weather. The tool is designed with a non-slip grip as well as a built-in sweet spot to give you the perfect, soft call. If you are seeking a friction turkey call that can create a large range of sounds, then this is a great option for you to try.

2. The Primos Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call

Primos has been creating turkey calls for decades, and each of their precision cut reeds are hand cut and crafted to perfection. Their Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call is available in two different varieties, both of which are sold together in a single pack. The Hook Hunter sharp is designed with a spike cut that is capable of creating almost any type of turkey call. The second variation is a two inch Hook Hunter that sports a ghost cut. This type of cut is perfect for creating softer calls that a hen might create, such as purrs or a kee-kee. Using a very low amount of air, you can create a wide range of sounds that are so authentic that a tom may not be able to tell the difference between a real hen and the call.

3. The Primos Hook Up Magnetic Call Box

As stated with our last pick, Primos, the company who manufactures this turkey call, has been trusted by hunters for decades. The Hook Up Magnetic Call Box is crafted from high quality materials that are designed to be a durable tool to use in outdoor environments. The hinge is designed to keep the paddle in place, but it also provides the right amount of tension to create many of the cuts, purrs, gobbles, and yelps that you could hear from a turkey in the wild. The friction from the pivot is perfect for creating a wide pitch range, and the paddle can even be removed if it makes too much noise in the woods. In addition, no tuning or adjustments are ever required for this unit, so you will be able to make a call whenever you are ready.

4. The H.S. Strut Turkey Diaphragm

The next turkey call on this list is another quality call that you function with your mouth. Hunters specialties has created a diaphragm turkey call that can easily be used by adults or teenagers, as the actual unit is designed to be smaller than typical diaphragm calls so that it can fit into smaller mouths more comfortably. Even though the size of this call is slightly smaller, the design packs quite a bit of punch to make sure that the tool can produce a large range of high quality turkey sounds. The best part is that the call uses infinity latex, which makes it easier to use, as this material requires less air to create an accurate sound. These turkey calls are sold in packs of three, and each of them create a different sound. The trio offers a Double D design with two extra thin reeds, a Raspy Old Hen call that is designed with two very thin reeds that are double split, and a Split V II call with two split V top reeds.

5. The Lynch 102STurkey Box Call

The next turkey call on our list is another friction based call, but this one is created by Knight and Hale. The all wood tool is constructed to create two different turkey sounds. One side produces a loud, high pitched sound, which resembles that of a hen, while the other produces a much lower, raspier gobble. The unit is designed to be 100 percent waterproof, so you can expect the same type of performance in any type of weather; in fact, the sound will even be able to be heard through heavy downpours and high winds. Unlike many turkey calls, chalking and conditioning is not required for this call. In addition, the two wooden aspects of this tool are connected by a screw, so unlike the first box call we reviewed, this one does not easily come apart.

As you are most likely aware, simply by reading this article, not all turkey calls are created equally. In fact, the one you select will not be the same one that your friend thinks is best, as your personal skill level, when it comes to hunting turkeys, is a big factor in which one you select. Relying on the opinion of others instead of finding a turkey call that is versatile and fits your style is what will decide whether you bag a turkey or whether you go home empty handed. Hopefully this guide has helped you find a turkey call that will have you in your hunting glory next turkey season. Happy Hunting!