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Reviews of the Best Hunting Boots in 2017

  • March 24, 2016 /

When on the hunt, there is one piece of gear that will determine your level of enjoyment more than any other: your boots. Many novice hunters don’t give much attention to what they put their feet in before a big hunt, but experienced hunters know that a pair that doesn’t fit properly, isn’t warm/waterproof enough, or lacks proper tread will turn an incredible hunt into a miserable experience.

Boots for trail hikingUncomfortable feet, whether due to cold, wet, or heat can completely throw off your hunting game at just the wrong time. A number of problems can be caused by the usage of improper hunting boots. Fungal infections, cold weather injury, falls or accidents can be a result of boots that are not right for your feet or your type of hunting expedition.

Shopping for hunting boots is not about walking into a store and picking out a pair of shoes that you think look good as you would when buying a regular pair of shoes. No, hunting for hunting boots is knowing in advance where you will be hunting, what type of game you will be hunting, what the weather will be like, whether you will be mobile or stable, and what kind of terrain you will be traversing.

This guide is guaranteed to help you get a better idea of what you need to look for when buying a new pair of hunting boots. You can read the in depth guide that covers what you need to look for, or skip straight to our product recommendations at the bottom using the table of contents.

What to Look For When Shopping For Hunting Boots

How High Should My Boots Be?

In order to get the best pair of boots for maximum comfort and agility, you want to make sure that you are getting a pair of boots that are the right height for hunting. Why? Think about what hunting consists of. Will you be sitting on your behind waiting for the animals to pass by for you to shoot? While you may have to do this at times, much of your hunting experience will be trekking through a variety of terrains.

If you are hunting through marshes or wet areas, wearing a pair of high water proof boots is highly important. There is nothing worse than wearing the wrong pair of boots on a hunting expedition and not being able to focus on your target or being delayed because of them. Hunting is about being quick on your feet and sharp with your rifle.

On the flip side, wearing a high pair of hunting boots on dry terrain in warmer weather may cause a lot of discomfort. If you are planning to sit in a stand or remain stationary throughout your hunt, then you may not be too concerned with the height of your boots, unless you plan to hunt in very cold weather and could appreciate the added warmth. But, be careful, you may find high boots can become somewhat uncomfortable during stationary hunts.

When shopping for hunting boots and choosing height, think about the location of your next hunting expedition. High boots can also help to protect your legs from snake bites, thorny bushes, and a variety of challenges they may come across while trekking through the wild in search of the perfect target.

Why Should I Wear Insulated Boots?

You want to wear insulated boots when it comes to hunting in the winter time or in colder environments. There is no way that you will want to be hunting with freezing toes and the possibility of hypothermia. Insulated boots are ideal for hunting seasons when there is predicted snowfall. While they may be heavier than your average hunting boots, most people think that it is worth it for the added warmth.

If you aren’t willing to spend a good amount of money on a good pair of insulated hunting boots, on top of your normal hunting boots, then you can invest in a good pair of extremely warm wool socks, but this may cause some difficulty if you walk a lot, due to sweat and snow seeping in.

It isn’t usually suggested to take this route, as wearing the proper hunting boots can make or break the success of your hunt and even mean keeping your toes healthy and intact. If you plan to be primarily immobile on your hunt, insulated boots are a must have during cold weather as the lack of movement means you’ll feel the cold even more.

Imagine being on a hunt and having the time of your life when you start to feel the cold seeping in until you find yourself not being able to concentrate on anything else but your feet. This is where choosing well comes in and with these tips in mind, you surely will.

What Material? Should They Be Waterproofed?

Most hunters will consider leather to be the best material for hunting boots. Why? This high quality material ensure long-lasting use from these boots and when it comes to what are often costly boots, you want to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment.

Other popular materials that are used in hunting boots that the experienced hunter will look for are rubber and high quality fabrics. Rubber is ideal for wet terrains or snowy conditions. It helps to keep the water out, which is of extreme importance while you are hunting. Waterproof boots are necessary whenever there is the presence of snow, water, or the possibility of rain. Anyone knows that wet feet in any land activity is no fun and even less so while on the hunt for your favorite target.

Waterproof BootsSomething else that you want to look for when shopping for hunting boots is the material that is used on the interior of the boot. With the abundance of physical activity that is often involved in hunting, your feet tend to sweat and you need materials that will allow the moisture to escape in order to avoid blisters, etc. Look for boots that have polyester and polyamide materials and synthetic fabrics that allow the boots to “bleed.”

It is highly important to make sure to buy the right pair of boots for the kind of hunting that you will be doing. If you know that you will be hunting in cold weather, you will want to find boots that are made specifically for snow or if you will be hunting in wetland, you will want to make sure you are using waterproof boots.

In warm weather, you will want to avoid wearing insulated boots as this will make your feet feel much too warm while on the hunt and that can be just as bad as having cold feet while out hunting. Neither extreme is good and will keep you distracted from hitting your targets.

Here are some ideas of what type of boots you should look for depending on the weather:

  • Cold weather hunting– Insulated, waterproof, and typically with battery powered warming technology
  • Wetland terrain hunting– Rubber, high-length, and waterproof with ventilation technology
  • Warm weather hunting– Comfortable and easy to get around in, but provide less ankle support

The majority of hunting boots are made with materials such as nylon, animal hide, steel shanks, leather, rubber, and many different kinds of synthetic materials.

What Are Some of the Best Brands for Hunting Boots?

It may be tricky when looking for hunting boots due to the abundance of brands that promise the best use and life out of them. When it comes to finding boots that you can trust, it’s more than just about finding popular brand names. You want to get boots that have a strong reputation for being reliable for the hunt and brands that you know will provide you with all the right components for fair prices. Following-in no particular order-are a compilation of brands that are known for being trustworthy for their hunting boots:

There are many more brands that offer fantastic hunting boots, these brands are nearly always on the top of many a hunter’s lists for sturdy, waterproof, and reliable boots. Some people may feel that there has been a downward shift in quality with brands such as LaCrosse, due to the company choosing to manufacture the boots elsewhere, but this may come down to a personal preference and isn’t a hard and fast rule. Many people still love and rave about LaCrosse hunting boots, and you will find them to be amongst some of the top rated boots for men and women.

More Tips for Finding the Perfect Boots

  • Boots for barren terrainFinding the right pair of hunting boots is more than just getting a good brand, but also knowing exactly what you will need them for. If you know that you will be primarily stationary on your hunt, then you may not need to worry too much about having a good tread or extreme comfort.
  • If you know that your next hunting trip will be in snowy conditions and where you will be carrying a lot of weight, you will want to be sure to invest in a pair of insulated and durable boots with a strong tread.
  • Check the tread on your potential hunting boots if you are hoping to hunt during icy and snowy weather. Hunting boots without good soles will make it difficult for you during long mobile days on the hunt and you may become much more distracted with not slipping, you don’t get any hunting done. Tread is sometimes ignored due to people’s interest in warmth or waterproof qualities, but it makes a difference in your feet’s comfort, and more importantly on how well you can traverse difficult ground.
  • If you are ordering online, it isn’t possible to try them on until they arrive at your doorstep, but if you are able to try on a pair before buying them, remember the following:
    1. Don’t try them on in the morning when your feet are swollen. They may seem like the perfect fit until you realize later that they are actually a bit too snug for long hours on your feet. Buying hunting boots that are too small is a big no-no and will be a waste of your time and money.
    2. Wear the socks that you will be wearing during the hunting expedition. If you will be hunting in cold weather and want to wear bulky socks, try them on with the same type of socks. Just remember that if you will be buying non-insulated boots, you will want to go big with the wool socks.
    3. If there is some moving room in your potential pair of hunting boots, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you don’t want to get a pair of boots that are too big, a little breathing room will definitely benefit you after long days on your feet and especially if you are trekking over many miles to get the perfect target.
    4. Spending a lot of money on a pair of boots that have everything you want in a boot except that they are too small will most likely put a damper on your hunting trip. Cramped toes on a long hunt will make you question your existence! Don’t go small and snug!
  • Something very important to remember while on the search for your hunting boots is the scent of your boots. You want to be sure to either purchase a pair of rubber boots or be sure to hide the scent of your new boots. If you’re hunting deer, you want to be sure that there is no way they will be able to smell you before you get to them.
  • If you are planning on hunting for a long period of time, you may want to shop for a stronger, heavier, and more durable boot than if you were only going out for one day. Where a heavy boot may be annoying for a one-day hunt, it is highly recommended for long scouting and hunting expeditions so that your boots continue to offer you the protection that you need.
  • Some hunters may complain of how stiff boots affect their walking and seem to slow them down and while this may be true for a short hunting trip, when it comes to going out for a long haul, you will find that not only will the boots break in with time, but they will also last the whole trip through and keep you protected throughout the experience.
  • This is an obvious tip and it may be impossible for you to find a pair of hunting boots of this sort, but if you were thinking of adding bling or getting boots that don’t look like they belong in the terrain you will be visiting and hunting in this may not be the best idea. Camouflage is key to catching your game by surprise.

Best Hunting Boots for Men

The Original MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot: This is an all-time favorite hunting boot that many men rave about. These babies are completely waterproof due to their primarily rubber exterior that works wonders to keep water out. For people who hunt in swampy or wet areas, there is nothing like high rubber hunting boots that not only keep moist out, but are comfortable for long hours of hunting.

These boots won’t work so well in cold weather environments, but for any other season they are the perfect match for many hunters.

LaCrosse Men’s 18 Grange Hunting Boots: These are highly popular boots in the hunting world. With their Chevron-cleated outsoles and a waterproof exterior, these boots are not only good-looking, but they are also quite handy while on the hunt.

Many people love how sturdy they are and appreciate the durability that they provide. While some may notice that due to the Ankle-Fit narrowed ankle pocket there tends to be wear and tear in that area, the strength of these men’s hunting boots is hard to beat.

Danner Men's Canadian Hunting BootDanner Canadian Hunting Boots: You want sturdy and reliable men’s boots for your hunting expedition, and these are durable and combine a number of key components that make them perfect for most hunting trips. With plenty of insulation for cold climates, a strong rubber sole, and made out of leather, they not only look rugged but are ideal for active hunting expeditions.

While these boots could be considered a bit pricey, the comfort and long-lasting life that they offer make them worth the extra dollars.

Irish Setter Men’s Trail Phantom Big Game Boot: Not only a good looking boot, but it provides hunters with the warmth they need on the cold days with Thinsulate insulation and are waterproof to ensure that your feet stay dry. They also have an amazing tread that will keep your feet sturdy on slippery and uneven terrain. Many would consider this to be a strong boot even with its light-weight build.

While the sizing may run a little small, if you keep this in mind when shopping for your hunting boots, these could be a great pick depending on your hunting plans.

Best Hunting Boots for Women

LaCrosse Women’s 18 Alphaburly Sport Break Up Hunting Boot: These deserve some recognition for being a strong women’s hunting boot that is ideal for cold weather hunting and long-lasting durability. The fleece lining is perfect for managing your feet’s moisture making them ideal for long days out in the woods.

While sizing may be somewhat off, these babies have the reputation for being some of the most comfortable women’s hunting boots on the market. You may not want them for summer hunting, but when it comes to snowy days out on a hunting expedition, these “Alpha’s” will keep you warm and cozy throughout your adventure.

Bushnell XLander Women's Hunting BootsBushnell Women’s Xlander Hunting Boot: These are both aesthetically attractive and functional boots for women’s hunting. Made out of leather and fabric with a rubber sole, these boots are comfortable and durable for hunting. While they aren’t perfect for swampy or wetland areas and snake-infested areas, they do the job for your average hunting expedition. They work well for snowy expeditions due to their effective insulation.

These hunting boots are good for any woman who wants to go on a physically active hunting adventure. They provide users with agility and freedom of movement.

LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Real Tree: Simply put: a great pair of hunting boots. They are ideal for cold and snowy conditions with their waterproof materials, strong soles, and high-length. Whether you are going hunting in muddy and wet terrain or you are planning a hunting expedition in winter time, these boots do the job that they were made for-to keep you warm no matter the weather.

Bushnell Women’s Mountaineer Hunting Boots: A strong pair of boots to keep women on the hunt for as long as they want. Many would consider these insulated and waterproof and love the comfort that they provide. They are also a great looking pair of boots, which although low on the list of priorities when you are looking for your hunting boot, make shopping for hunting boots a lot more fun.

These hunting boots are lightweight making it easy to trek while on the hunt. The fit is considered to be a bit narrow, but overall they are considered to be strong, warm, and dependable hunting boots.

Best Insulated Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

LaCrosse AeroHead Hunting Boots: These provide hunters with the complete layer of warmth required for winter-time hunting. They are made with a neoprene with a layered liquid of polyurethane, ensuring that users get a comfortable, warm, and cushioned fit.

When hunting in cold weather, hunters want to know that their boots will not get wet. There is no damper on a hunting expedition like wet boots, and with these LaCrosse hunting boots, hunters can rest assured that their feet are in good…shoes.

Muckboots Woodlands ExtremeMuckBoots Woodland Extreme: Cold weather hunting expeditions can be some of the best experiences, but only if you are wearing the best insulated hunting boots available on the market today. The MuckBoots are lightweight hunting boots yet they provide hunters with the perfect amount of insulation for cold winter hunting.

While somewhat pricey, these boots are not only comfortable, they are durable and will ensure warm feet throughout your winter hunting expeditions. This factor alone makes them worth the high price.

Bogs Blaze 1000: If you really want a pair of boots that can withstand very cold weather, such as sub-zero conditions, the Bogs Blaze 1000 are some of the top cold-weather hunting boots available on the market. They have excellent insulation, great treads for muddy terrain, and are very comfortable for being a pair of rubber boots. If you want boots that you are confident will keep you warm through cold-weather hunting, these could be the boots for you.

LaCrosse Game Country BootsLaCrosse 10″ Game Country Boot: THE boots that you want on your feet during snowy weather. They are fully insulated and provide the warmth you need for long days on the hunt. Most hunters love the Hyper-Dri lining as it keeps their feet free of sweat which can be a nuisance while spending hours on your feet. The only thing to watch out for with these beauties is the ankle area. Make sure you get the right fit, otherwise these boots are considered a good buy.

Best Rubber Hunting Boots

Kamik Cold-Weather Boot: Not everyone wants to use rubber hunting boots, but for those who do, the Kamik Cold-Weather Boot work amazingly for cold-weather hunting experiences. Made out of rubber and fabric and with a knee-high length, they’re good boots for keeping out snow and water.

You may find that the sizing is a little off and that they run on the bigger side, but the durability, warmth, and functionality of these boots makes them some of the best rubber hunting boots available on the hunting boot market. They are also highly comfortable boots, which as every hunter knows is extremely important while on long hunting expeditions.

Bogs Classic High Style Break Up Boot: A favorite amongst hunters due to it being a multi-seasonal and highly functional boot. When it comes to spending good money on a boot, you want one that you can depend on through a variety of environments. With a thick sole and waterproof rubber and synthetic material, these knee-high boots can be worn in wet environments or cold weather and provide warmth when needed.

These boots are fantastic for keeping the water out, although they may be lacking when it comes to letting sweat seep out like other boots. Otherwise, they are the ideal hunting boot for a variety of hunting expeditions.

Bogs Bowman BootBogs Bowman Hunting Boots: These beautiful Bogs are made out of rubber with a neoprene lining making them an excellent pair of rubber boots that are waterproofed and that allow your feet to breathe while on the hunt. Anyone who has ever been on a hunt with a pair of waterproof boots that don’t have proper ventilation knows how annoying this can be. Fortunately for hunters, these boots offer the both of best worlds; both ventilation and warmth.

Itasca Men’s Swampwalker 400g Rubber Hunting Boot: These do exactly what a rubber hunting boot should do. As a waterproof boot with great insulation, you can wear this boot through muddy and swampy terrain and still enjoy your hunt without having to worry about wet feet. While they may not be as long-lasting as Bogs hunting rubber boots, they hold up well for a great price.

Best Hunting Boots for the Money

Irish Setter Shadow Trek Boots: If you like hunting throughout the year, you may know that hunting boots cost money. Sometimes you have to invest in more than one pair. One pair of hunting boots that gives you good quality for a good price are the Shadow Trek boots that provide hunters with comfort, waterproof protection, toe guards, light-weight use, and an attractive appearance. With all these comforts and benefits, at $69.00-$194.00 they are a good buy.

Irish Setter Grizzly TrackerIrish Setter Grizzly Tracker Big Game Boots: Also in the Irish Setter brand, these are hard core. Many would consider that they are worth their low price of $63.22-$80.00 for what they offer. These hunting boots are warm and ideal for wet terrains as they are water-proof. Made out of leather and cordura with a rubber sole, you can trust that you will stay warm while hunting in cooler environments, although they aren’t especially high.

Danner Men’s Jackal II: A good boot for their low price of $129.00. With Gore-tex material to keep your feet warm in colder weather and rubber soles, these boots provide hunters with agility while still keeping their feet safe and dry in wet weather. While not perfect for snowy conditions, they are a great pair of hunting boots for many different environments.

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch BroadHead Hunting Boot: When you spend good money on a pair of hunting boots, you want to be sure that you are getting good quality. The Rocky Men’s 8 Inch BroadHead Hunting Boot is not only a great pair of boots, but the price is one that you will appreciate at around $60.00-$180.00. Made out of textile with a rubber sole they are durable boots that are considered to be comfortable for long days out hunting.

One highlight of these boots that you will be sure to love if you will be hunting in the winter is the tract on the soles. Get ready for a hunting expedition with no slipping whatsoever.

Best Hunting Boots Under $100

LaCrosse Men’s Silencer HD Hunting Boot: These can be found for under $100 making them a good buy for what they have to offer. These babies are insulated, made out of leather and fabric with a rubber sole. They offer the perfect match between being water proofed but also provide ventilation for your feet so they don’t sweat while on long hunts. They are some of the best low-priced cold-weather boots out there.

Bogs Eagle Cap BootBogs Eagle Cap Hunting Boots: Conveniently priced as low as $49.99, but the affordability doesn’t take away from the quality of one of the best brands in hunting boots. They are waterproof, very comfortable to wear, and well-ventilated. The only complaint on these boots is that they typically run a bit too small for comfort.

The Wolverine Men’s Sightline High: Nice light-weight boots that do a great job of keeping water and cold out with 200 grams of insulation and all for a low price under $100. Made out of leather and mesh, they are the ideal boots for a variety of terrains. While they aren’t very high, they are affordable and durable boots that can withstand hours and days of hunting.

Rhino 91C99 Camouflage Waterproof Insulated Hunting Boots: For only $69.99 these will provide you with warmth and protection during cold weather hunting or wet conditions. They have a great heel that means comfort during long treks while on the hunt.

While not high-length boots, they provide hunters with insulated protection to ensure that your toes never get cold. They are simpler than the other boots on the list, but if what you are looking for is an affordable pair of boots that will do the job for hunting, then these may be the ones for you.

Best Hunting Boots Under $200

Wolverine Hawthorne Hunting Boots: Can be found for under $200. They are made out of leather and nylon and hunters will appreciate both the insulation and waterproof features of these medium length hunting boots. They work wonders in keeping water out while trekking through wetlands and during cold-weather hunting, although some may consider them to be a bit snug around the ankles. All in all, they are a strong and durable boot for their price.

LaCrosse Alpha Mudlite Snake Hunting Boots: Another pair of trust-worthy boots for under $200. As with almost any hunting boot, you want boots that will provide you with comfort for the long hours, warmth for the cold days, and waterproof material for the wet ones.

These boots also provide a certain amount of protection against snake bites, which makes them an attractive buy for hunters planning expeditions in snake infested environments. While they aren’t considered the most comfortable boots for long days of walking on the hunt, their durability, strength, and water proof ability make them a great buy for under $200.

Golden Retriever 1000 Gr. Hunting BootGold Retriever Men’s 1000 Gr. 4763 Hunting Boot: Just another trust-worthy boot for a low cost under $200. They can be used in a variety of environments and due to their Ultra-insulation can keep your feet warm while on cold weather hunts. These boots are resistant to oils, slips, and abrasions and they have a Dri-Lex ECO footbed cover to keep your feet dry through wet and cold weather. They are without a doubt a sturdy buy for an attractive price.

Irish Setter Men’s Deer Tracker Hunting Boot: Not all hunting expeditions will take place in cold weather, so you may want to avoid wearing insulated boots and find boots like the Irish Setter Deer Tracker for under $200. These light-weight boots will keep your feet feeling dry and fresh while on the hunt for the perfect game.

While these boots are perfect for warm weather hunting season, you may want to invest in some heavy duty socks for cold winters if you aren’t planning on getting an insulated pair as well.

In Conclusion

Everyone is unique and there is no one boot size fits all guide for your shopping, but here you have an extensive list of boots for men and women at affordable costs and for a variety of hunting situations.

Some of the favorites on the list would be the Bogs Bowman Hunting Boots for their warm insulated material that allows your feet to breathe while walking many miles a day. Anyone who has been a long hunt during cold weather knows that sweaty feet don’t feel so great. These beauties are top in reviews and are worth trying on.

The LaCrosse Women’s Alphaburly Pro 15 Real Tree are a favorite for women and are highly suggested when it comes to women’s hunting boots. They are built to last, are warm, and comfortable, which are just a few of the much needed components of a successful hunting boot.

Male hunters seem to love Danner Canadian Hunting Boots for when they want warmth, protection, and durability. These boots are a favorite amongst men for their reliability which is everything they could want on a hunt while maintaining comfort and agility and they look amazing to boot. No pun intended.

Rubber boots are fantastic for wet and swampy areas and for hunts when you may be walking through muddy terrain or there is a chance of rain. Insulated boots are the perfect ones to use for your winter or cold weather hunts when you want to be confident that your feet will stay warm. Treads with grip work well in icy or snowy weather and are also ideal for almost any terrain, ensuring that you don’t fall or trip which would be disastrous when sneaking up on your game.

Take your time and don’t rush shopping for the boots that will join you on many successful hunts. Remember that uncomfortable feet do not a happy hunter make. Whenever possible, try them on before buying and keep these tips for hunting boots in mind.