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The Best Gun Cleaning Kits on the Market

  • May 26, 2016 /

Hoppe's Gun Cleaning KitAny responsible gun owner knows that in order to keep their firearms working properly, they should be cleaned regularly. Powder residue can build up over time affecting the gun’s lifespan and shooting accuracy. Cleaning firearms keeps them accurate, safe, and allows them to last longer. Most gun enthusiasts take as much pride in the kit they purchase as they do in their guns. We’ve put together a guide to help you find the best possible gun cleaning kit for your gun.

The following are examples of some of the best gun cleaning kits available. We’ve divided them into four categories in hopes of helping you in your search for the best cleaning kit for your gun.

Best Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s Elite Gun Care Kit

The Hoppe’s Elite Gun Care Kit comes in a sturdy case that can be locked. Equipped for cleaning at home or on the go, this kit contains a multi-section cleaning rod with a folding handle and five assorted bore brushes. It includes a foam gun pad, a lint-free cloth, 50 cleaning patches, and additional assorted accessories. Hoppe’s own Elite Gun Cleaner and Gun Oil with T3 come in both bottles and single-use packets for cleaning on the go. A few extras include an M-16 style utility brush, a shotgun brush adapter, and a .22 caliber loop. Many kits do not include a gun cleaning pad, making this an even better choice. The Elite Gun Care Kit is adaptable for all guns and is an excellent choice when considering the right cleaning kit for you.

Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Remington is a well known brand in the gun industry. This cleaning kit lives up to the brand. Everything you need fits inside the bag with plenty of pockets for organization. The Rem Squeeg-E is Remington’s own innovation that removes all barrel debris in just one pull. This kit features all ten sizes of Rem Squeeg-Es along with their compatible bronze bore brushes. Sturdy, coated Rem Flex cables help protect the barrel and finish. It is adjustable for rifles, shotguns, and handguns. The Rem Pad is 28″x 12″ and is machine washable. It has a velcro attachment for easy storage. 5 ounces of Rem All in One Bore Cleaner is included and is perfect for carbon, plastic, lead, and copper fouling. All the essential tools are in the kit including: two large nylon and bronze cleaning brushes, a threaded revolver adapter, one ounce of Rem oil, a patented Fast Snap T-Handle for adaptability, and a gun cloth. This kit is all-inclusive and would be a great choice.

Otis Tactical Cleaning System

The cleaning system is lightweight and features several tools for cleaning at home or out in the field. The three memory flex cables with over 750 pounds of tensile strength come in 8″, 30″, and 34″ lengths. Included are 6 firearm specific bronze bore brushes. A T-handle is included along with other obstruction removal tools. A versatile cleaning system will take care of .17-.50 caliber pistols, shotguns, rifles, and in-line muzzle loaders. A .5 ounce tube of Otis 085 Ultra Bore cleaner, lubricant, and preservative is also included. All caliber cotton patches for .27 and larger come with this kit along with small patches for .17-.223 caliber. An extra accessory is the shotgun brush adapter. The kit features rubber Patch Savers to get 360 degree barrel cleaning. A bore reflector and flag safety is included. This cleaning system is ideal for at home or on the go and is perfect for owners of multiple firearms. The Otis brand is highly recommended and we believe this kit would not disappoint.

Outers 25-Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest

The aged-oak finish, wood constructed tool chest will make cleaning your firearms more enjoyable than ever. Universal components are included for cleaning a large variety of firearms. The chest features solid brass rods with high quality tips, mops, and brushes. Each component has its own place inside the chest for easy organization. Reliable chemicals are included for cleaning and polishing. This 25 piece chest is perfect for gun owners to have at home and is capable of cleaning multiple types of shotguns, rifles, and handguns. Outers knew exactly the type of cleaning kit an enthusiast of all things gun-related would enjoy.

Skyline Center Gun Cleaning Kit

Skyline’s Folklore gun cleaning kit features M-Pro 7 gun cleaner and LPX. The durable, rugged case has a place for everything for easy organization. It’s made large enough to provide protection for the kit, but small enough to fit in a pack. It includes a double-ended military style cleaning brush with nylon bristles. 100% cotton patches come in packs of 25 in the following sizes: 7/8″ round, 1 3/4″ square, and 2 1/4″ square. It has 5 assorted bore brushes, a slotted patch loop, and a 4 piece cleaning rod. This kit is the perfect size for at home or out in the field. It’s equipped to clean all types of rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

Big Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

This deluxe universal kit keeps all of the solid brass components inside a 14″ replica of a 12 gauge shotgun shell. It includes a large variety of cleaning tools including: 3 cleaning rods for shotguns, 3 cleaning rods for rifles and pistols, a universal handle, a nylon cleaning brush, and 2 solid brass adapters for the shotgun. It has a wide variety of brushes and mops to use with many types of pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Two plastic slotted ends, 50 3 x 3 cleaning pads, and a 12 piece set of cleaning jags are also included. It’s a great universal kit and the container makes a fun, organizational case.

Best Rifle Cleaning Kit

Tac Shield M16/AR15 Cased Rifle Cleaning Kit

This 17 piece custom cased kit includes everything you will need. The PULL through coated cable/rod system allows cleaning in one pull and includes a brush, swab, and slotted patch tip. The kit also includes a dual ended utility brush and dual ended metal pick. It fits well in hunting packs and also features a 1/4″ punch pin and 25 cleaning patches. The additional 6 piece utility bit set makes this kit a strong contender for best rifle cleaning kit. The Tac Shield cleaning kit would make an excellent choice.

Otis Modern Sporting Rifle and AR Cleaning System

Specifically designed for 223 caliber and 5.56 mm rifles, the Otis Modern Cleaning System comes in a lightweight soft pack with a belt clip. It’s the perfect size for carrying with you out in the field. The B.O.N.E. tool for cleaning the belt carrier assembly is included. The system also features a copper bore brush, mongoose G2 brush, and precision tools for completely breaking down your firearm for cleaning. It includes one 8″ and one 30″ memory flex cleaning rod. A bottle of Otis 085 Ultra Bore Cleaner is also included. This is a great kit for at home or taking with you as it has everything you could possibly need. Once again, the Otis brand made the best gun cleaning kit list with this fantastic rifle cleaning kit.

Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Premium Maintenance Kit

This kit provides 3 great Real Avid products combined in one easy to carry kit. It includes all brass rods and components. It features a phosphor bronze star chamber brush with pad and a 223 556 bore brush. An angled pick, slotted tip, and stuck round extractor is also included. The AR15 scraper cleans 12 critical surfaces on the bolt carrier group from its four major parts. These include the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier, and the bolt cam pin. An oil and residue resistant field guide is included for quick how-to’s including; disassembling, scraping, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling. The kit also includes a bore illuminator/flag safety, 50 patches, and a nylon cleaning brush. This is an excellent kit for at home or out in the field.

Tipton Ultra Cleaning Kit

This higher end cleaning kit comes in a customized case with die cut closed cell foam to hold components securely. The 3 piece rod is constructed of high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel to resist bending. It also features the Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Set. A 13 piece ultra jag set has its own convenient case, and the 13 piece bore brush set has its own case as well. This kit comes with a variety of picks and brushes making it a fantastic cleaning kit for .22 caliber and larger rifles. This kit is designed for users who demand higher quality components and don’t mind spending a little extra. It’s perfect for using at home or will conveniently go inside a pack for using out in the field.

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Allen Company Tool Box Style Gun Cleaning Kit

Designed to withstand rough use, this tool box style gun cleaning kit has a variety of components. Included are 3 bronze brushes for shotguns and 9 for rifles and pistols. 13 brass long gun ramrods with muzzle guards are also included. It has a 3 piece brush and pick set, cotton patches, cotton swabs, and 10 cleaning clothes. The compartments are custom-fitted for each accessory with the name of the component right on the compartment. It’s versatile in cleaning most firearms, but is most well known as a shotgun cleaning kit. It contains 65 pieces of equipment certain to fit your gun cleaning needs. You most certainly cannot go wrong with this gun cleaning kit.

M-Pro 7 Tactical 3 Gun Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit comes in a handy carrying case that can be locked. It features everything needed to clean shotguns including: 2 ounces of M Pro 7 gun cleaner, 2 ounces of M Pro 7 gun oil LPX, a lint free cloth, and a nylon utility brush. The M Pro 7 Bore Snake Kit is designed for cleaning shotguns. A weapon maintenance guide is also included. This is an excellent cleaning kit for at home or out in the field. It has everything you need to keep your shotgun performing at its best. Many rifle cleaning kits require the bore snake kit to be purchased separately. This alone makes the M-Pro 7 an excellent choice.

Rusty’s Rags Rifle/Shotgun Gun Care and Gun Cleaning Kit

For an exterior cleaning kit, this no frills shotgun cleaning kit is perfect for wiping down your guns after every use. The 100% merino sheepskin gun cloth is able to get in places other cloths can’t reach. It’s perfect for wiping off fingerprints and other rust causing residue to keep your guns looking brand new. It also includes a 1/2 ounce of Rusty’s Famous Gun Oil. If you enjoy sitting around and polishing your firearms, this the ideal kit for you.

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Gun Care Case

The Winchester Gun Care Case may just be one of the best looking cases on this list. With each component individually organized and plenty of pockets, your kit will be well protected inside this soft-sided case. With 68 pieces, everything you could possibly need for cleaning your shotgun is included. The kit includes bronze brushes for 14 different calibers with a matching mop for each brush. A set of solid brass jigs and brass rods for both rifles and shotguns are also included. 150 cotton cleaning patches are included in 3 different sizes. A few extras are included such as nylon brushes. This handsome gun care kit would make an excellent choice when choosing the best shotgun cleaning kit. Backed by a brand that knows guns, you can be certain Winchester knew what they were doing when creating this kit.

Best Pistol Cleaning Kit

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

You can easily carry this kit with you out in the field. The plastic case contains a 2 piece copper cleaning rod with great tolerance. Threads are standard #8-32 making them interchangeable with any other components. It features a nice quality copper patch loop for fast bore cleaning. Also included are three 9mm caliber bore brushes including: cotton mop, bronze, and nylon. An affordable, easy cleaning kit, the UTG is a great buy.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit

This budget friendly, yet high quality, pistol cleaning kit is designed for .38/.357 caliber or 9mm pistols. It includes an aluminum cleaning rod with handle and a brush/end pieces for the rod. Also included are cleaning patches, a 4 ounce bottle of quality cleaning solvent, and 2 1/4 ounce bottle of lubricating oil. It’s a perfect starter kit or for on the go.

Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit by KleenBore is one of the most versatile handgun kits available. You can buy a cleaning kit in the following categories: .38/.357 caliber or 9mm, .40/.41 caliber or 10mm, or for a .44/.45 caliber pistol. The cleaning rod is made of smooth, high quality steel with a black oxide finish. It features rotating handles and is threaded for standard #8-32 accessories. With the rod extended, it can clean a barrel up to 10″. It includes a double-ended nylon brush and a phosphor bronze brush. A plastic muzzle guard is included to protect the crown of the barrel during cleaning. Also included are: 2 ounces of silicone gun Formula 3 Gun Conditioner, and 100% cotton patches. All of the components fit nicely in the custom organized tray inside a rugged, durable case. KleenBore offers an excellent cleaning kit for at home use or for out in the field. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice in handgun cleaning kits.

Rusty’s Rags Pistol Gun Care and Gun Cleaning Kit

If you don’t need all the frills of other gun cleaning kits, this pistol cleaning kit will work just fine. It includes a 100% merina sheepskin gun cloth guaranteed to remove to remove fingerprints and other rust causing residue. A 1/2 ounce dropper bottle of their Signature Silicone Gun Oil is included. This kit is easy enough to grab and wipe down your handgun after every use.

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Gun Boss clean kit by Real Avid offers a compact and weather resistant kit that is perfect for out in the field. It’s designed to clean .22 – .45 caliber handguns. The two section rod system with swivel tip combines to form a 9″ rod and T-handle. Also included are nylon jags and a phosphor bronze brush. The organizer tray will securely hold all components. Also included are 25 3 x 3 cleaning patches and 25 1.5″ x 3″ patches. The Gun Boss Cleaning Kit is an affordable, easy access kit for cleaning your handguns. It comes strongly recommended and is an excellent choice in handgun cleaning kits.

Very few kits offer gun cleaning mats. Cleaning mats are invaluable as they protect the surface of the area where you are cleaning your gun, and they protect your gun from unwanted scratches. Below are a few of the best gun cleaning mats we have found.

Best Gun Cleaning Mats

Glock Bench Mat

Glock is a very well known brand of handguns. This mat features a soft top to protect your gun while the neoprene rubber backing protects your work surface. The 11″H x 17″L mat illustrates how to properly disassemble and reassemble your handgun. The Glock Bench Mat is an excellent choice for handgun users.

TekMat Long Gun Cleaning Mat

This 12″ x 36″ TekMat cleaning mat has a polyester top to keep your rifle protected. The neoprene rubber backing protects the work surface from cleaners, oils, and lubricants. Although this mat was made specifically for Colt’s AR-15 A2, AR-15 and M-16 parts are usually interchangeable. The mat features an exploded view of an AR-15 with a parts list, disassembling instructions, repair tips, and basic cleaning instructions. This mat would work well for any rifle or shotgun. TekMat also offers a handgun cleaning mat.

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Pad

This 12″ x 36″ cleaning mat is perfect for all rifles and shotguns. The soft acrylic mat protects your firearm while absorbing excess oil, cleaner, and lubricant. The non-slip vinyl backing protects the work surface. The great thing about this mat is that it can be machine washed and dried. This mat will do the job needed while cleaning your firearms.

Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad

The Drymate gun cleaning pad is 16″ x 54″ and is the perfect size for organizing all of your firearms and parts in one place while cleaning. It’s durable and stain resistant. The soft felt fabric absorbs all excess cleaners, oils, and lubricants. The bonded backing protects the work surface. This is the perfect mat for cleaning larger rifles or shotguns or for when you want to clean all of your firearms at the same time.

As you can see, there are many gun cleaning kits available. From the number and type of components included to its carrying case, the choices are vast. No matter what you’re looking for in a kit, one of the above should certainly point you in the right direction. We hope you found these reviews helpful in your search for the best gun cleaning kit.

Items Usually Found in a Gun Cleaning Kit

We’ll start with the basics and discuss what is usually found inside a gun cleaning kit. Before purchasing your kit, you might want to consider an all in one package that contains everything you need. This will save time and money. Also, look for quality products inside the kit. If you own rifles and handguns, you may want to consider a gun cleaning kit that will work for both. Make certain the kit instructions are easy to follow. Below are the items most cleaning kits contain.

  • Bore Cleaning Rod – This is a thin metal rod in which brushes, cleaning pads, and cloth patches can be attached to clean the bore of the gun. There are many different brands available. Make certain the rod is compatible with your firearm.
  • Bore Brush – This is a brush used to scrub the interior wall of the barrel. Spiral bristles are most recommended. Most kits will include a variety of brushes.
  • Cloth Patches – These are used to clean the interior and exterior of the gun. They come in various shapes and sizes and can attach to the cleaning rod to clean and oil the barrel. 100% cotton is most recommended.
  • Rod Adapters – Clasps or hooks used to attach cloth patches and bore brushes to the end of the rod are known as rod adapters.
  • Patch Loop or Jag – A cylinder attachment used to secure cleaning patches and help them make contact with the inside bore surface. This insures precise cleaning from all angles.
  • Cleaner or Solvent – The liquid used to clean a gun’s interior and exterior is commonly referred to as cleaner or solvent.
  • Oil and Lubricant – Used to smooth the gun’s surface and joints, there are many different brands available. Most kits will include cleaners and oils, but not all do. Be sure to check the components of the kit on the packaging.
  • Utility Brush – This is a soft-bristled brush used to scrub the gun’s exterior.
  • Cleaning Cloth – This is an all purpose cloth for gun cleaning.
  • Bore Snake – A bore snake is a stretch of soft material that is attached to a string and used to clean and oil the barrel with one easy pull. Some cleaning kits include only a bore snake and cleaner/oil, and others may not include a bore snake at all. Be certain to check the packaging components if a bore snake is an item you will need.

The idea of a kit is that it’s designed in a way that all the included products work well together. But, some kits may not contain everything you need to clean your gun. You may need to purchase one or two items separately. Be certain to check for compatibility in the cleaning rod included in the kit to work with all the guns you own. If it will be used to clean a pistol and a rifle, it should be able to be extendable. Used in all aspects of cleaning the bore, the rod should have over 750 pounds of tensile strength to prevent bending. Steel is the most recommended material of cleaning rods.