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Arkansas Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Deer hunting in Arkansas is an exciting venture. Before hunting, every hunter is expected to have a valid Arkansas license and a deer tag. The hunting tags are available to both residents and non residents. There are two types of tags available that hunters are expected to choose from, there is the white tailed deer tag and the regular deer tag. Hunters with white tailed deer tags are only allowed to hunt the white tailed ones and the same applies to hunters using the regular deer tags. Hunters are allowed to hunt only one deer per year but it also depends with which zone the hunter is hunting from. However, sometimes they get opportunities to hunt more than one deer if they purchase extra nonresident tags to hound a second deer. The most common types of deer found in Arkansas are white tailed deer.

Before hunting, there are laws and regulations that should be put into consideration. Hunters should know that there are hunts specifically for youths between the age of 12 and 17. Youths are also required to have the license and the tag just as adults do. The youth hunters are permitted to hunt the antlerless deer only. and should be accompanied by an adult. When hunting for an antlered deer, one of the antlers should be at least more than three inches long. Hunters are required to accompany the carcass while it is being transported during the season for antlered only deer. Deer with an antler less than 3 inches long are usually hunted at the same season as the antlerless deer. Hunters should know that when hunting during the white-tailed season, the tail should be left fully attached to the carcass if the head has been removed for easy identification of the species. There are also limitations regarding the number of bags a hunter is required to carry. In many cases the hunter should have a minimum of two bags. Only modern guns, muzzle loaders and archery are allowed during hunting.

Hunting seasons vary depending on the type of deer being hunted. The common types of hunting seasons are the archery season and the muzzle loader season. The archery season is actually the longest operating from October all the way to February. Muzzle loader on the hand is a short season that runs between October and December. Hunters are not allowed to come with dogs during the muzzle loading season as well as the archery season. The antlered deer hunting season begins in October and is later followed by the antlerless deer hunting season in November to December.

Some of the places to hunt for white-tailed deer are areas around the White River, Felsenthal which is in Ashley county, White Rock area in Northwest Arkansas, Muddy Creek in the county of Montgogmery and in the Buffalo National River. All these places are good for deer hunting but hunters should remember to have their licenses and tags. Hunters are also allowed to hunt on private land only with authorization from the land owner.

Hunters should remember to dress in comfortable clothing and remember to carry all the necessities required during hunting. Wearing camouflaged clothes are an added advantage. In addition, it is important to carry a hunter’s safety card and to not forget their license and tag.