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Arizona Deer Hunting Season

  • May 23, 2013 /

Arizona has such diverse landscapes and wildlife habitats that makes it the perfect state for hunters. With so many animals to hunt, there is almost always something in season. The Arizona Game and Fish Department manage the Arizona deer hunting season, licenses and tags. Before planning a hunt it is vital that you know these details so you can plan properly.

Types of Deer

There are two types of deer found in this state. The first is the desert mule deer. They are found throughout Arizona. January is usually the best month to hunt for them. These deer are easier to find and easier to hunt.

The second type is the coues whitetail deer. These can be quite elusive. They are usually found from the Mogollon Rim down to the southern border with Mexico. Most of them are found in the southeastern mountains. They can also be hunted on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation.

How to Hunt Effectively

There are many tips for hunting effectively in Arizona. Of course the best advice is to purchase very good optics. This is especially true if you are hunting for coues whitetail. They are difficult to see and blend into their surroundings easily because of their coloring.

Crossbow hunting is obviously harder than rifle hunting. While crossbow is harder it is also more satisfying. It adds more dimensions to the hunt. It takes more precision and planning.

Season Dates and Pricing in Arizona

The deer season usually runs from October to November for rifles and archery begins in August and runs through January. Prices for a license and tags vary. A license and tags are required. Full pricing lists are available by visiting http://www.azgfd.gov/. Most can even be purchased online.

Hunting licenses are $32.25 for residents and $151.25 for non residents. Tags cost much more. They are usually is $232.75 for a non resident tag fee. There is a fall draw for tags. This requires applying for several preferences. Depending on the draw, you may not get your first or even second choice.

Hunting Suggestions

It is suggested that if you are new to the Arizona deer hunting season that you hire a guide or a company to help you. They have the expertise to help you along the way. This can really increase your chances of success. When planning your own hunt be sure to get the proper tags and license. Also be sure to know when the seasons are so you are hunting on the right dates.